Neuma III

About This Project
The evolution of mankind underwent a swift turn with the discovery of metal: overcoming the agricultural phase is to enter the metallurgical phase, and this is a path that leads to the birth of modern societies, to the cities. The first artistic offspring of the first metal age is the spectacular spread of the megalithic art and cults, that covered the whole Europe from the Atlantic coasts to the Caucasian area, from Scandinavia to the lower shores of Mediterranean basin. This phenomenon happened during the Copper Age, between the end of the 4th millennium BC and the whole 3rd millennium BC, and was substantiated by the production and erection of stelae, menhirs and boulders, sometiomes shaped as portrayals of anthropomorphic gods or maybe heroic ancestors, placed in sacred places, sanctuaries.

Paolo Rondini, archeologist (Camonica Valley – Unesco)