CategoryPainting About This Project.The act itself of willing to represent something in a different form, for example using a simple contour line technique or even changing its shape and its dimension, not only implies the creation of a new object, or a new living thing. It implies the awareness not …
CategoryPainting About This Project.The images represented by Andrea never lose the coherence of their “compositional syntax.” The figures portrayed are not deconstructed, i.e., broken down to their fundamental elements and then set up again in a different, de-structured way, and even less in a broken, deformed or mutilated way. At …
About This Project.In some of his most recent works the color is due to an oxidation of the copper leafs; a process that takes place in the making of the work. The oil often used for the depicting of human persons is old engine oil, which in its turn comes …
ANMLA | menhir
CategoryPainting About This Project.Andrea Mariconti’s work is lucidly focused on the analysis of the actual process of creation that is so clearly and powerfully displayed by copper age monuments. This masterpieces, found underground, have lost through the centuries their sacred role, laying hidden from sight. forgotten, waiting to see again the …
CategoryPainting About This Project.IS THE FLAG AN ABSTRACT SUBJECT?. F.L.A.G. (manifesto) is the title on the back of these canvas. Manifesto, was the so-called ‘directional program’ of a group of artists during post-avanguardia years. Manifesto is a declaration of intents. A mixed technique with exhausted motor oil, soil, ash, copper leaves, …
Keramos calkos
CategoryPainting About This Project.Andrea Mariconti is a man on a quest, an artist ever on the lookout, a person who is moved and moves through the world, through the history of the human race, through the geology of the earth, in the anthropized environment and within his own soul. He …
Aleifar | Dignum
CategoryPainting About This ProjectA Democratic Republic founded on Labor | 90×90 cm | mixed media with petroleum, salt and ash | 2011 UNESCO | Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights Global Art Competition Exhibit . I don’t find a more efficient vehicle other than the Politics, to deal with the “dignity …
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CategoryPainting About This Project.I remember that one day Davide Benati, told me a story. T’was the story of his father, in Sicily island (IT) during WWII bombings. T’was evening, and the man, fleeing  through the fields, ended in a plain, open valley. From the place where it was he could distinctly recognize …
Cliffs | Patagonia
ALEIFAR | mouseion
CategoryPainting About This Project.Andrea Mariconti approaches the problem by making a museum the subject matter of his work: a museum that becomes a subject matter to be viewed, an internal landscape populated by works of art and people. Its effect is the same experienced in his landscapes where you can …
CategoryPainting About This Project.ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMS or Planimetry of memories.
Hortus Conclusus
CategoryPainting About This ProjectLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam et tincidunt purus. Donec congue nisl nec ex pretium aliquet. Etiam dui enim, venenatis a diam nec, faucibus maximus dui. Donec laoreet nibh diam, ut tempor justo vestibulum at. Mauris aliquam elit at risus convallis suscipit. Mauris imperdiet …