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About This Project
Andrea Mariconti’s work is lucidly focused on the analysis of the actual process of creation that is so clearly and powerfully displayed by copper age monuments. This masterpieces, found underground, have lost through the centuries their sacred role, laying hidden from sight. forgotten, waiting to see again the light of day
It’s the creator’s eye, that projects its ideas in thin air, giving them life in the blink of an eye. Ideas become symbols, floating over the nude rocks, right before their birth, like ghosts. Mariconti portrays these sequences of symbols like palimpsests, that always obey to the code, underlying and all ruling, in their purest form: it’s the form of a thought, crystalized and fixated in time, like a distant horizon, still, immutable. The painter plays with ghosts.

Paolo Rondini, archeologist (Camonica Valley – Unesco)