Keramos calkos

About This Project
Andrea Mariconti is a man on a quest, an artist ever on the lookout, a person who is moved and moves through the world, through the history of the human race, through the geology of the earth, in the anthropized environment and within his own soul. He is a man who embarks on a journey both physical and internal, sharing findings and discoveries both small and great through his artwork. He is a “being-in-motion” (indeed, his status as “pilgrim in the world” is one that marks him ontologically) who invites us all to follow on the quest for self-knowledge, for knowledge of the other: the quest for meaning. He sets forth on this quest from his particular vantage point as a thoughtful, patient and meticulous artist, a master of multiple painting techniques, an attentive observer and tireless experimenter, a man capable of truly daring artistic principles and painting actions, yet always with such good measure as to make the brilliant seem natural.

Giovanni Intra Sidola